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A mother and daughter working on homework togetherAt our first meeting, we will collaborate to create goals that we will work on during our sessions together. I’ll answer any questions you have about myself, the therapy process, adjunctive services that may be recommended, as well as concerns you might have about treatment. The first meeting is all about figuring out if we are a good match, and if I am the best person to help you with whatever challenges you face.



Art therapy is taking art making and using it therapeutically with people experiencing illness, trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and those that seek personal development. Through the creation, reflection and processing of art, people can increase their own self-awareness, cope with stress and trauma, and enhance their cognitive abilities. Art therapists are trained as skillful clinicians as well as knowledgeable about art materials and the creative potential of art.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy provides patients with powerful tools for reducing symptoms and coping with emotions. The therapist and patient work together as a team to identify and solve problems, as well as increase overall understanding about their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. In contrast to other forms of treatment, CBT is present focused, problem-solving oriented and generally short term.
In the late 1970s, Marsha M. Linehan (1993) attempted to apply standard Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and Mindfulness to the problems of adult women with histories of chronic suicide attempts, suicidal ideation, urges to self-harm, and self-mutilation. This blend is what led to the creation of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), an effective psychotherapy for a range of serious behavioral and emotional challenges. DBT helps patients develop concrete skills for gaining control of their emotions, and works to decrease self-harming behaviors.
I provide a sliding scale based on need, but am out of network for all insurance companies currently.  Please contact me to learn more about cost.
Treatment modalities such as DBT and CBT are developed to be short-term, and focused on creating noticeable change.  Depending on the goal (or goals) treatment can be short term or ongoing.  My goal is to help you feel better and live better, and to a place where you feel you don’t want or need therapy anymore.

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