Services. Options for Treatment

In order to help you meet your goals, it might be helpful for me to work in many different ways. Often combining one service with another can be a more effective way to work on a problem.
When I work individually, I tailor my treatment style to fit the needs of my patient. I like to set mutually agreed upon goals and check in about progress so that my patient can notice the changes that are happening emotionally and behaviorally.



When the whole family is present, I work hard to create a space where every member feels heard and respected, where parents can set limits and show love, and where family members can learn more effective ways to communicate.



Sometimes having the child present isn’t the most effective way to work on a challenge. With parents, I offer concrete strategies and solutions to behavioral problems, and family issues. I help parents create a united front, communicate more effectively with one another, and solidify their values so that they can parent with love and confidence.


Group is a place where teens don’t just hear that they aren’t alone, they feel it. It is my favorite method of treatment, and I take that passion and bring it into every session.  As a group facilitator, I am authentic and non-judgmental, but challenge teens so that they can make changes that will better their lives. I am currently running two therapeutic groups:

Teen Emotional Support Group
This is an ongoing, co-ed support group for teenagers who struggle with managing their emotions.  The group is a place that teens can go to develop better coping skills for their emotions, learn more effective ways to communicate their needs or frustrations, and develop their sense of self.  Group members will have the opportunity to connect with other teens with similar challenges, and get support for their own personal difficulties through discussion as well as activities that incorporate both DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) curriculum.

Teen Social Skills Group
This is an ongoing, co-ed skills building group for teenagers who have trouble making friends and interacting with others.  The group helps teens to increase their confidence, decrease social anxiety, and develop improved ways of talking to or interacting with others.  In group, members will practice reciprocal conversations, role play challenging social situations, develop perspective taking skills as well as learn anxiety management techniques, all while receiving feedback and support from the clinician.